Sex is everywhere but have you tried looking for a candid conversation about it? Sex podcasts, like ours, are a good place to start. For this podcast all about podcasting… (Read More)

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The Ersties Podcast

Ersties are a team of filmmakers, porn producers, models and now…Podcasters! Who better to talk about sex, porn, and everything in between (your legs) than the guys at Ersties, at least that’s what we thought! Expect candid opinions, stories from the industry, general chitchat and a refreshing outlook on the world of sex. Enjoy!

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Catch your girlfriends busting some of the most pervasive sex myths out there. Is porn addiction real? Can you have an orgasm with your G-spot? Is fisting really as good as Lina thinks it is?… (Read More)


A mood killer? Or the key to the best sex ever… What consent means, looks and sounds like and how we get excited saying exactly what we want. As well as chat on cigarettes… (Read More)


Sex Parties. Sex and Parties, what’s not to love right? In our very first live recorded episode we regale tales of Berlin Dark Rooms and exclusive parties where debauchery is compulsory… (Read more)

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