Sex Parties. Sex and Parties, what’s not to love right? In our very first live recorded episode we regale tales of Berlin Dark Rooms and exclusive parties where debauchery is compulsory…. (Read More)

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The Ersties Podcast

Ersties are a team of filmmakers, porn producers, models and now…Podcasters! Who better to talk about sex, porn, and everything in between (your legs) than the guys at Ersties, at least that’s what we thought! Expect candid opinions, stories from the industry, general chitchat and a refreshing outlook on the world of sex. Enjoy!

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In this mystical episode we’ve conjured a potion of sexual magic, crystal self-love and the original sluts, witches. Along the way, find out what happens when we came out to our Mums about our lives in porn… (Read more)


This is Part 2 of our Investigative look at Internet Censorship and how it effects how we watch Porn. Before listening, if you haven’t already, go and check out Part 1. Ok, now for the real intro… (Read More)


The internet is sitting on the precipice of change. New laws are being introduced which aim to censor and regulate the adult industry online. We went to the London Porn Film… (Read more)

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