The Ersties Podcast

The Ersties Podcast launched in late 2017, and we are based in Berlin, Germany. New episodes come out on the first Friday of every month.

The podcast was borne out of a particularly heated discussion during which we stopped, paused, looked at each other and thought ‘would people listen to this if we recorded it.We discuss issues surrounding sex, dating, the sex industry and well, anything else that pops up in conversation. We like to think our collective voice is one not often heard in the mainstream. We look to be informative, inquisitive and above all, honest.


The Ersties Podcast comes out on the First Friday of every month. Listen wherever you listen to your podcasts, just search ‘Ersties’.

  • April 5th
  • May 3rd
  • June 7th
  • July 5th

Meet the team

Let’s put some faces to those voices. Say hello to The Ersties Podcast team.


Paulita Pappel

Paulita Pappel is a feminist pornographer. She works as a producer, performer and director, often for She is the founder of and co-curator and co-organizer of the Pornfilmfestival Berlin.

Lina Bembe

Lina Bembe is a Mexican performer, model and occasional writer based in Berlin. Often seen enjoying herself in selected alt-porn productions, ranging from feminist amateur to queer post-porn narratives and occasionally engages in non-explicit films about feminism and sexuality.


Highbrow sexter, lowbrow cultural critic. Usually found editing videos into smut with her bare hands. Loves to get contradictory about emotions. Lighthearted only when it’s inappropriate to be. Writes erotic fantasies and articles from IRL perverted experiences.


Inappropriate comment maker, awkward social situation connoisseur. Napper, wine drinker and all round sassy lady. Currently on a journey towards becoming a good feminist. Right now settling for title of BAD ASS Woman.

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