Comedy for Killjoys with Sofie Hagen

Sofie Hagen is an award-winning Comedienne, Writer and Podcaster championing body-positivity, boy bands and always texting the guy first, but also second, third, fourth, fifth… In her podcasts ‘Made Of Human’ and ‘The Secret Dinosaur Cult’ as well as in her upcoming book ‘Happy Fat,’ she’s fighting stigma of all kinds. We talked to Sofie about her version of fat activism, about coming out as non-binary, daddy issues, and how hate-speech is even bad for the haters. And of course: all things comedy! What’s magical about it? How do you find a balance between being funny and opening your soul on stage? Are all feminists killjoys? And what are the parallels between stand-up and porn? Listen for the laughs, the rage and to consider why having an apple thrown at you is less funny than a kebab. Sofie is currently travelling around the UK doing a stand-up book tour hybrid – find the dates for that on


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