#15- Erotic Literature Ft. Daddies, Doms, and Novelist Saskia Vogel

Have you secretly indulged in erotica as a teen? Or conjured some Severus Snape fan fiction? Why is it so hard to write about sex anyway? Exploring the best and worst sex writing, we talk the surprising conception of Fifty Shades, Haruki Murakami and our love of Netflix’s Sex Education. Sliding into perverted prose, we catch up with debut novelist, Saskia Vogel to discuss her brand-spanking new BDSM novel, Permission. A tale of discovery from rose-tinted LA, full of Daddies, dominatrixes and a houseboy named Piggy. It poses the crucial question: How do I want to be loved? Asking for a girl, not yet a woman. Don’t miss out on bedtime stories that are sure to keep you up at night!


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