The Ersties Podcast Meets

Sofie Hagen is an award-winning Comedienne, Writer and Podcaster championing body-positivity, boy bands and always texting the guy first, but also second, third, fourth, fifth… In her podcasts ‘Made Of Human’ and ‘The Secret…. (Read more)

What’s it like to work at Pornhub? Is everybody horny all the time? Are lunch breaks giant orgies? Come step behind the scenes of the world’s biggest porn streaming site and meet the face of the brand: Pornhub ARIA, Social Media Manager…. (Read more)

Meet the deviant of the highest order: Dan Savage. Renowned advice columnist, host of Savage Lovecast and author of several books. Put your most aching questions to bed and discover the price of admission in any relationship… (Read more)

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with award-winning porn performer, director, writer, entrepreneur, and anal queen Asa Akira? Paulita and Olivia had the best time talking to the humbly hilarious multi-talent about how she first… (Read more)

Psychologist and bestselling author of Sex at Dawn Christopher Ryan reveals how our evolutionary past has shaped our sexuality and relationships today. As one of the few mammals that have sex not only for reproduction… (Read more)

Meet the naked menace to society! US porn star Janice Griffith has been in the industry for five years now, working with big names from Vixen to Wicked Pictures, Brazzers, and recently even had her pussy… (Read more)

How many women do you know that write for Playboy magazine and hold a degree in cognitive neuroscience? Meet Suzannah Weiss! The writer, editor, scholar and sex educator chats with Olivia… (Read more)

The Ersties Podcasts Meets…Liara Roux, Sex Worker, Online Political Organizer and Pornographer. Liara is a sex work advocate who has recently spoken out strongly against SESTA and FOSTA… (Read more)

First up and inspired by our last episode, Pandora chatted with Kristen Sollee. Kristen is the founding editrix of, a lecturer at The New School, and author… (Read more)

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