#14- Sex Toy Confessions: The Toys That Will Shake The Earth in 2019

How do you make Valentine’s Day suck in the right way? Sex Toys make for great solo play and an orgasmic gift – but are they just tools to get off quickly or can they transform your sex life? Our favourite homework yet, we tested revolutionary vibrating, sucking, tingling, solo and partner sex toys to tell you what hits the spot for us. Spectrum Boutique owner and Duchess of Dildos, Zoë Ligon, shares wisdom from owning a sex shop, her love of gigantic dildos, ways to make this industry more inclusive (we all have a butthole, don’t we?!), AND the one product that will make everybody’s life better. We also confess our first sex toy encounters, swap fire tips for using and cleaning them, and explain cucumber DIY. The only limit to toy pleasure is your creativity and imagination, or, ours. Let’s play!


We are pleased to say we have been listed on the Best Sex Blogs Directory.


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