#11- The Sex Podcast Podcast ft. Asa Akira, Conner Habib, Turn Me On and The Second Circle

Sex is everywhere but have you tried looking for a candid conversation about it? Sex podcasts, like ours, are a good place to start. For this podcast all about podcasting we met the amazing hosts of Against Everyone, The Pornhub Podcast, Turn Me On, and The Second Circle to learn from the best about starting a podcast, how talking about sex impacts your own sex life and why real conversations matter. As well as the challenges of being married to your co-host, meeting double dick guy and breastfeeding kinks. Plus, we reveal our own experiences of what it’s like to share all those intimate details in public. Talking about talking about sex…it’s our most meta episode yet.

Head to www.ersties-podcast.com/ersties to get 50% discount off your first month of fun at Ersties.com.


Asa Akira – The Pornhub Podcast
Conner Habib – Against Everyone
Bryde & Jeremy – Turn Me On
Franki Cookney – The Second Circle

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