#13- What we fantasize about ft. Tentacles, Gender-Benders, Aliens and Justin Lehmiller

What do you think about when you masturbate or have sex? About doing it with your yoga teacher? Celebrities? Aliens? Do you fantasize about gender-bending, lactation, or tentacles? Does it get gangbangy and rapy? Or do you give yourself dominant superpowers? In this episode, we discuss where sexual fantasies come from, what their function is, and why it is difficult – but SO important – to talk about them. As our unicorn, we invited Kinsey Institute sex researcher Justin Lehmiller who surveyed the sexual imagination of 4000 Americans for his book Tell Me What You Want. And of course, we’re sharing our very own dirty fantasies. Come and escape reality with us!


Justin Lehmiller : https://www.lehmiller.com/


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