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Squirt? Gush? Trickle? What squirting style are you? If female ejaculation isn’t part of your sexual repertoire yet, get ready to be schooled. Can everybody do it? What techniques work best?…(Read more)

Do you sometimes feel trapped in your role as a man? We speak to The Naked Professor, Ben Bidwell about how he overcame the confines of masculinity to embrace vulnerability and started a mental health podcast…(Read more)

Have you secretly indulged in erotica as a teen? Or conjured some Severus Snape fan fiction? Why is it so hard to write about sex anyway? Exploring the best and worst sex writing, we talk the surprising…(Read more)

How do you make Valentine’s Day suck in the right way? Sex Toys make for great solo play and an orgasmic gift – but are they just tools to get off quickly or can they transform your sex life?…(Read more)

What do you think about when you masturbate or have sex? About doing it with your yoga teacher? Celebrities? Aliens? Do you fantasize about gender-bending, lactation, or tentacles?…(Read more)

Too sad to fuck? Winter season is upon us and it’s time to talk about sex and mental health. Anxiety and loneliness aren’t exactly festive buzzwords but it is a difficult season for many…(Read more)

Sex is everywhere but have you tried looking for a candid conversation about it? Sex podcasts, like ours, are a good place to start. For this podcast all about… (Read more)

Catch your girlfriends busting some of the most pervasive sex myths out there. Is porn addiction real? Can you have an orgasm with your G-spot? Is fisting really as good as Lina thinks it is?… (Read more)

A mood killer? Or the key to the best sex ever… What consent means, looks and sounds like and how we get excited saying exactly what we want. As well as chat on cigarettes… (Read more)

Sex Parties. Sex and Parties, what’s not to love right? In our very first live recorded episode we regale tales of Berlin Dark Rooms and exclusive parties where debauchery is compulsory… (Read more)

In this mystical episode we’ve conjured a potion of sexual magic, crystal self-love and the original sluts, witches. Along the way, find out what happens when we came out to our Mums… (Read more)

This is Part 2 of our Investigative look at Internet Censorship and how it effects how we watch Porn. Before listening, if you haven’t already, go and check out Part 1. Ok, now for the… (Read more)

The internet is sitting on the precipice of change. New laws are being introduced which aim to censor and regulate the adult industry online. We went to the London Porn Film… (Read more)

Aren’t we all a little bit Kinky? This is something we wanted to explore, so naturally we did so by sharing our own Kinks, stories and experiences. Then we turned our attentions to Sexting… (Read more)

How did Camming become a $2 Billion dollar industry? It’s been called the latest Adult Revolution so naturally we wanted to cast our wandering eyes, quite literally, over the world… (Read more)

In this episode we delve in to the world of Polyamory. What it actually means, what are the misconceptions and why you should think about spreading the love!… (Read more)

In this episode of the Ersties Podcast we discuss paying for porn. Why people do, why people don’t and why we think you should. We also welcomed Lucy Huxley to… (Read more)

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